Our Foundation

 A message from our founder,

Kanika McNeill-Wilkerson:

“I became a teenage single mother at the age of 16. I felt very confused, lost, overwhelmed, and stressed. Eventually, I found myself homeless. I was without a vision, a purpose, and love. However, even though I did not know why I existed or what I was doing as a parent, I began to pour the entirety of my love, energy, and passion into my daughter. I grew and healed from loving her. Before her, and even following her birth, I lived this way–in bondage and confusion, merely existing for many years. But as time passed, I began to love myself, pick myself up, and focus on becoming all that God planned for me. I not only stopped feeling sorry for myself, but I also empowered myself. I oriented my ambitions and passion to develop a love and vision for single mothers like myself: those who felt stuck, without any guidance or direction. Having conquered that dark part of my life, I knew that it was time to give back. That is why I am here, telling you my story, about my struggles and subsequent resilience. I created the Deserving Love Foundation with my heart. The Deserving Love Foundation, at its core, started as an organization to create opportunities for single mothers to Conquer & Soar. Nevertheless, Deserving Love has continued to include greater assistance to members of the community who have been afflicted with a deep and diverse set of adversity.”


Our Mission

Deserving Love is a non-profit organization established to inspire single parent mothers to attain self-sufficiency and empowerment through self improvement and life skills training that will enable them to achieve success and strengthen their community.

Our Vision

To empower and improve the lives of single mothers by offering classes and workshops in life skills, employment preparation, and financial management.

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